Nellie Eden Tint

Interview: Nellie Eden

It’s been two years since Amplify first launched the ‘Young Blood’ series. Ahead of the release of Young Blood 2 we look back at what six of our young creatives featured thought then, and what they’ve been up to since…


Nellie cut her teeth in the fashion world as deputy editor for ASOS before moving over to the U.S fashion and lifestyle giant Refinery 29 last year. She also freelances for Wonderland and The Debrief. She is also the co-founder the all girl collective and creative fashion agency BabyFace.


Since 2016, Nellie and her creative partner, Claire Burman, have successfully turned her online community of female creatives, Babyface, into a fully-fledged agency with a client roster that boasts Champion, Evisu, Hello Kitty, Topshop, Vans and Nike.

They have hosted panels for Marques Almeida and the Bodyshop and are consistent in pushing their agenda of cultural diversity and offering a genuine and relevant female perspective on wider political and cultural debates.