Young Blood: The New Australia

Reshaping stereotypes for a new generation of Aussies...

Young Blood: The New Australia

Young Blood explores the hopes, fears and realities of growing up in Australia today. Amplify wanted to provide a platform for young people to say what they really think, to help them challenge the stereotypes they face and go beyond generic, flat labels like ‘Millennial’ or ‘Gen Z’.

2019 is a pivotal year. For the first time there will be more under 40s in the workforce than over 40s. This demographic and economic strength will see young people not only dominate as workers, but also consumers and those forming their own households. If, as a brand, you are failing to understand and connect with them, you are resigning yourself to failure.

We asked over 2,030 young Aussies a simple but complex question: who are you?

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What we found...

We found that, more than anything, young Aussies are seeking human connection and this manifests in how they relate to tech, food, going out, activism and travel.

Some of our key stats paint an important picture of the shifting conversations, giving a hint to the places where brands can meaningfully engage:

● 2/3 want to experience a product or brand before they buy

● 74% think it is important to stand up for what you believe in, even if that opinion is unpopular or inconvenient

● 8/10 think beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colours

● 2% think having a large social media following = success

● 50% think being happy = success

● 56% would buy healthier and responsibly sourced food if it was cheaper

● 7/10 think technology helps them feel connected to the rest of the world

The Events

For brands who want to connect with their 18-30 year old Australian audience, these sessions will be full of relevant insights, practical tips and best in class examples.  

We have quickly discovered this audience are not mere followers of global trends but are influenced from more places than expected. Insight from other countries can’t and shouldn’t be used to predict their values, attitudes and behaviours.

From reshaping the Aussie stereotype to understanding their tech obsessions and drinking habits, our research takes a deep dive into technology, retail, sport, alcohol, food and drink.

The events will consider young people's approaches to brand ethics, representation, consumerism, ambition and the future and leave you with a deeper understanding of how your brand can inspire this audience.

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Amplify X Mindshare


Date: Friday 26th July 2019

Time: 8:30am-11:00am

Venue: Beta Bar & Gallery, Level 1 238, Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW 2000



Date: Tuesday 6th August 2019

Time: 8:30am - 11am

Venue: Twotonmax, 124 Langford St, North Melbourne, VIC 3051



Amplify X Advertising Week APAC


Date: Tuesday 30th July 2019

Time: 4:40pm-5:15pm

Venue: Luna Park Sydney, 1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point, NSW 2061



Amplify X McKinsey


Date: Tuesday 13th August 2019

Time: 8:00am-10:30am

Venue: McKinsey & Co, 35/88 Phillip St, Sydney, NSW 2000


About Young Blood

Young Blood is Amplify’s ongoing exploration into modern youth culture. Now in its fourth year, we have expanded internationally to gain insight into our Australian audience. We have explored British youth culture in Young Blood and Young Blood: The Formula is Fucked. But we know that the identity of young people in Australia today can't be assumed or extrapolated from understanding youth culture in other regions.

This pure insight platform helps our youth focussed brands navigate changes and stay current. We share it, for free, with those who want to genuinely understand young people and create better work.

About Amplify

Amplify is a brand experience agency that joins the dots between people, brands and culture. Working with clients like Airbnb, Google and Nike, we believe our role is equal parts creator and facilitator. We put the audience at the heart of everything we do, starting with real people, not demographics.

Amplify recently opened an Australian office, led by Aussie native Gareth Davies, a long-time ‘Amplifier’ with extensive experience developing campaigns for global brands like PlayStation and Lexus. The Australian team twins insight with execution across everything they do.