1. Who We Are

Getting to know how young Aussies really feel...

43% feel powerless to change policies they disagree with.

7 out of 10 participants believe that they are the generation that has to take responsibility for forcing change when it comes to environmental impact, and although young people like them are ignored by policy makers, there is power in numbers.

When it comes to being passionate about their beliefs, 3 out of 4 think it is important to stand up for what they believe in even if that opinion is unpopular or inconvenient, with women and those identifying as ‘other’ feeling much more strongly about this than men do.

They are an outward looking group and although 1 in 3 feel passionately about exploring the world, a quarter look closer to home, feeling strongly about contributing positively to society or their community. It is clear that they are not selfish in their goals — another thing they are constantly accused of.

They live in unstable times; university does not mean a job, marriage does not mean happily ever after. Young people seem to know what they need to aim for when it comes to a long and happy life but a quarter still worry about their mental health and the same about their physical health

Key Stats

1/3 feel passionately about exploring the world.

50% of young Australians believe being happy = success.

43% believe that gender is the great battlefront of our generation.

1/5 fear ending up alone, despite being constantly connected and surrounded by people.

47% care about having strong relationships.

4/10 think the news media is biased.

Only 2% thinking the same about having a large social media following.

76% say they will do everything they can (petitioning, protesting, donating etc.) to highlight issues important to them.

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