4. How We Balance

The importance of mental health, sport + representation...

1 in 5 young people worry about never finding their purpose.

Australia, the lucky country, has always been seen as carefree and relaxed. We’re now in our 27th year of growth (we've had no recession since the 90s) and enjoy better education and healthcare than most of our Western counterparts. What could young people have to worry about?

One way young Aussies improve their mental health is through sport and exercise. Sport is one of Australia’s great obsessions and unifiers, with 7 out of 10 young Aussies believing it is a huge part of their cultural identity. It has inspired us, produced some of our greatest heroes, put us on the world map and provided a chance for us to show our sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

Love for the game does not seem to be waning but the standards of behaviour are certainly expected to be higher. We are making progress though. Even though we have a way to go, we are seeing more female representation across the board in business, in sports and in politics. One area in which we can be unflinchingly proud is women in sport, with half of our audience feeling Australia is leading the way on this issue.

Key Stats

28% think having good health makes you successful.

2/5 are passionate about looking after their mental and physical health.

7/10 feel women in sport should get paid as much as their male counterparts.

3/5 feel that their generation values individualism more than previous generations.

64% want to see more diversity (in terms of body image, race and gender) reflected in their favourite brands.

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