YB2 Overview

Young Blood 2 | Findings for Brands

1. They are internalising the process of happiness

This means traditional approaches of materiality bettering their lives will be less and less effective. If you can help them fill a genuine need you will have their respect.

2. Location influences opinion

We have seen that everything, from measures of success to attitudes towards brands in culture and drinking, varies with region. A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to resonate with everyone in the same way but localised activations give you the option to tailor your messaging to hit home.

3. Goals are changing from societal to personal

Advertising feels out of touch to young people because it hasn’t moved on in the way that they have. Diversity, breaking traditional norms and realistic portrayals of cultures and roles are vital to show your brand is moving with the times.

4. Don’t underestimate expertise

It doesn’t matter how much reach your influencer has, it’s more important to look at credibility and if they are knowledgeable in their field. Young people appreciate the business savviness of influencers but it is also open season for criticism of them if they are not experts in the things they are selling. Overt selling falls into the category of endorsement and should be avoided.

5. Give them experiences

This is an experience-driven group who are still galvanised by participation in the brands they love. Give them stories and connect with them through a culture-driven encounter that they can learn something from and socially share. You will gain more brand love from that than just talking about your product ATL.

6. Use technology and their data responsibly

They are looking for a hero in this area and their ambivalence toward data sharing demonstrates their feelings of helplessness. Although most feel the government should be doing more, they would welcome a brand that takes a stand and fights their corner.

7. Gender issues are not going away

We still have a way to go with gender equality and making both men and women feel more secure in their own skins. Brands can do their part by not shying away from equality issues and creating change from the ground up within their own businesses. Similarly, in a climate where exploration of gender identity is more acceptable than ever, brands with progressive attitudes should proudly lead the charge.

8. They have so much to worry about

As a brand, be part of the solution, not the problem. Do your bit for the environment, reassure them on your supply chain, ditch the plastic at your events, demonstrate your support for progress and generally, show them you understand and care about the things they do. Your energy will be well spent.

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