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Talks + Workshops

For brands who want to connect with their 18-30 year old Australian audience, these sessions are full of relevant insight, practical tips and best in class examples.  

With deep dives into technology, retail, sport, alcohol, food and drink, you will leave with a deeper understanding of how your brand can inspire this audience.

Exploring the cultural identity of young Australians today, Amplify extend our Young Blood platform to look into the hopes, fears and realities of coming of age in a changing society. We asked our audience of 2,030 young Aussies who they are and how they felt about everything from brand ethics, to socialising with friends, to a future with AI.

Not having accessible, in-depth data for this market, our global clients were also very keen for us to provide the same detail and nuance for their work here. We have quickly discovered this audience are not mere followers of global trends but are influenced from more places than expected. Insight from other countries can’t and shouldn’t be used to predict their values, attitudes and behaviours.

What we found will change your perception of the young people you think you know.

Topics covered

A Case of Mistaken Identity: Reshaping the Aussie Stereotypes

Under Pressure: Passions, Fears and the Definition of Success

Changing Priorities: Apathy, Activism and the End of Nightlife Culture

A New Playing Field: Sport Culture, Representation and Individuality

To Buy or Not to Buy: Experience, Influence and Fashion

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are: Food, Consumerism and Brand Ethics

A World Made for ‘We’: Technology, Ambition and the Future

Where to find us...

We're sharing our insights on the road at various locations throughout July-August in Sydney + Melbourne.

In collaboration with Mindshare, McKinsey + Advertising Week APAC.

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