Get Into Out

Amplify + Mitsubishi invite drivers to 'Get Into Out' for their latest TVC...


The 2022 Outlander launch was a huge moment for Mitsubishi Motors. This was the culmination of 18 months of work to totally reposition the brand. Mitsubishi were battling with low brand awareness in a CUV competitor set with some big players, so they came to Amplify's new LA office with the task of creating a new brand strategy and big idea for the launch campaign - one that will define the brand to potential customers for the next three years.


In order to make the Outlander relevant to our audience we had to quit the process, creating a CUV shaped around their lives rather than the conventions of the car industry.


We fully embraced Mitsubishi’s challenger brand ethos of ‘small batch, big difference’. Being a challenger in the automotive category requires boldness and vision - whether disrupting the purchase and service model, or bringing new technology to market. We took learnings from the best disruptive brands and made it relevant for Mitsubishi, creating an open dialogue with customers with a more human tone of voice. And, in casting a female VO, deliver a message in a way that felt fresh for the category and engaged a different kind of car buyer.


Get Into Out

Amplify collaboration with Mitsubishi on their latest global TV commercial to launch the Outlander 2022 put the the audience in the driving seat and at the very heart of the storyline. We challenged the format of traditional car ads as we invited drivers to 'Get Into Out'...

We created a brand spot that felt inviting and progressive, mirroring the brand’s entrepreneurial mindset. As the perfect CUV to take you from inside the city to out, we took people on a journey into the car in a spot designed to literally ‘Get Into Out’.

Directing a large-scale remote shoot during a pandemic, across multiple time zones, the ad campaign was produced between LA and London, and embraced virtual production to create a global TV campaign that doesn’t look or feel like a traditional car commercial.

Alongside our production partners, Pulse Films and Framestore, we combined pioneering virtual production techniques with VFX and live action to choreograph a seamless one-shot sequence that travelled around the car and our cast in a way that wouldn’t have been possible on the road. The result is a commercial that by its very design grabs your attention and puts you firmly in the passenger seat.