House of Glass

Amplify + Sky deliver a carbon neutral brand experience for a carbon neutral product


Amplify was challenged to create an immersive brand experience tour to showcase Sky’s defining new product innovation Sky Glass: a transformational and fully-integrated smart TV.


With 70% of purchase journeys involving both online and in-store stages, the experiential activation required Amplify to create an IRL experience that showcased not only the product's defining and personalisable physical features but the innovative sound and picture technology; bringing to life the product benefits and providing a connected educational and immersive product experience.


To create an experiential activation that facilitated different layers of engagement and interaction – from self-service rooms to curated product demos – and deliver world-class product showcases through a suite of installations built for sustainability, longevity and portability.


Sky House of Glass

To mark the launch of Sky Glass, Amplify created a nationwide, immersive brand experience tour in the form of three pop-up houses. The modular structures, which measured up to 10m x 6m, were designed as eco-friendly, highly deployable pieces of architecture, satisfying Sky's eco-credentials and contributing to their ambition for a carbon-neutral tour.

With the structures primarily built from fully recyclable and sustainably sourced glue laminated oak, the inside of the structures were carefully curated to provide different layers of engagement within five rooms.

A social hub and 'Entrance' provides an opportunity for visitors to discover product sizes, colours and personalisation opportunities via a bespoke tailoring table. 'The Playroom', with its interactive wall, allows guests to discover all the best features of Sky Glass in fun, engaging and sometimes even unexpected ways. Meanwhile, 'The Family Room' has been curated to showcase how Sky Glass puts a world of TV at your instant voice command while 'The Snug' provides a front-row feeling through its picture and sound quality. Finally, the showcase 'Lounge', fully immerses guests in a product demo that interacts with the surrounding architecture, celebrating the Quantum Dot technology and spine-tingling Dolby Atmos sound.

Despite their house-worthy scale each structure has been designed both focussing on sustainable methods and materials and to be inherently modular for ultra-efficient assembly, dismantling and transportation. The nationwide UK tour commenced in 2021 and will go long into 2022 and beyond...

Amplify achieved CarbonNeutral® event certification for the Sky Glass 2022 tour in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the leading global framework for carbon neutrality.