Foot Locker x Puma

Amplify + Foot Locker create an interactive and futuristic POS to celebrate the launch of the Puma Mirage Sports...


Foot Locker tasked Amplify to create an interactive in store activation POS  at the Champs Elysée Flagship store in Paris and AR Instagram filter, to bring to life and support the launch of the Puma Mirage Sport x DJ Snake collaboration sneaker.


The Foot Locker Paris flagship store located on the Champs -Elysees has a restricted area on entrance, mainly used for window display and as a walkway for consumers to go down a level in the basement where the products are located. We had to create a POS installation that would stand out from the norm and attract our audience attentions when entering the store, whilst heroing the product and inviting people to download the AR filter.


We took our inspiration from the drama of DJ Snake’s live performance, epic stage architecture and light displays.

The Idea

We created a futuristic perspex and light structure using the Puma Mirage Sport colourways. The Instagram filter translated this experience onto the phone screen, using the same language of a digital soundwaves to visualise music in the Puma Mirage colourways.


Foot Locker x Puma

Our POS installation was composed of a coloured perspex portal that worked from both the viewpoint of the window looking into the store, and from the store looking out. The hero sneaker stood on clear perspex stand for a simple finish in the center.

The blue perspex tones complemented the colours of the Puma Mirage Sport, making the colour accents in the sneaker stand out.

The central circle around the sneaker had a darker shade of blue and there were 2 rings of LED strips highlighting it: one on the inside perimeter and one on the outside edge of the circle to create a nice focus point. The pair of sneakers was held up by a clear perspex stand. 

The  monochrome soundwave printed onto the baseboard of the plinth visually tied the installation to the sound wave filter in a nice way. 

Signage wrapped around the structure was inviting people to scan the QR to unlock the AR filter  and enter the universe of DJ Snake. In addition, the large screen behind displayed a looped video of the global Puma asset video featuring Dj Snake, with branding at either end of the loop, as well as a large Instagram QR code that could be scanned directly from the screen. 

We also included a Puma logo vinyl on the perspex rings so from every sight line there was the appropriate level of branding.

The Instagram filter translated the experience onto the phone screen, using the same language of a digital soundwaves to visualise music in the Puma Mirage colourways.

Soundwaves reacted to the movement of the face and included both Foot Locker and Puma branding.