Creating Sense5

Amplify launch Wrigley's 5 Gum, with curators Hot Chip lending a hand...


Amplify were challenged in bringing Creating Sense5,  a campaign developed to launch Wrigley's 5 Gum, to life. 


The campaign took its inspiration from the five senses, so we knew we had to create a sensory experience that had an edge. 


Working with Golin Harris, Wrigley's PR agency, we wanted to create an experience that gave consumers control.



Creating Sense5

Amplify launched with a creative entrepreneur talent search that challenged entrants to define sensory stimulation through any medium – from mixology to design, or music to art.

Promoted through a partnership with VICE magazine, the five winners became an integral part of the launch experience. Amplify secured Hot Chip as headliners, and they not only performed a special 90-minute set (joined at one point by surprise guest Kano) but also judged the sound category of Creating Sense5.


Creating Sense5 Mobile