Converse City Forests

Amplify + Converse promote climate action through art that also cleans the air...


Launch Converse City Forests, a platform that unites creatives to paint eco-friendly public art pieces, in Australia.


Public art is a powerful way to share a message, but the experience for the audience is relatively passive.


Use the public art conversation to create an opportunity for Australians to make a positive difference in the fight against climate change.


Converse City Forests, Sydney.

We brought together celebrated artist Elliott Routledge and charity Rainforest Rescue to collaborate on a large-scale mural promoting tree planting as a simple and impactful way to mitigate climate change. Located adjacent to a busy junction in Woolloomooloo, the piece brought the rainforest into the heart of the city with the message “Trees Are The Answer.”

The mural was painted using photocatalytic paint, a medium that filters and cleans the air around the wall. Each square metre has the same positive effect as one mature tree. The mural is 183 square metres, making it equivalent to planting 183 trees. As well as the mural itself, we also created and produced a suite of content that was featured across local and global channels, editorial partnerships and press coverage.

We used this conversation to invite people to support the cause by purchasing limited edition patches, designed by Elliott Routledge, with all proceeds going directly to Rainforest Rescue. Each patch costs $10 which is what it costs to plant a tree in the Daintree.