Amplify help method clean up with a creative twist...


Already operating in a low interest category, method challenged Amplify to generate brand love amongst their least interested target, 25-35 year-old women.


Over half of Brits say they don’t experience enough happiness in their daily lives. Whilst millennial women hate cleaning, we knew that the results of cleaning generate happiness – despite the tedious task.


Turn dull tasks into fun, colourful experiences, showing that anything can be fun if you approach it in the right way… even cleaning.



We launched #themethodway, a creative platform and rallying cry that allowed method to share its unique, distinct view of the world. #themethodway focused on creating delightful surprises and making things better for people and the planet, in a design-led, colourful way.

To kick off the campaign, we brightened up commuters’ mornings on Summer Solstice by creating a mural on London’s Southbank in collaboration with 3D artists Joe & Max. We invited commuters to mop and reveal a colourful reimagining of the London skyline.

We then partnered with director Abbie Stephens to create a video that brought to life cleaning done #themethodway. The main character creates her own mess in order to clean up using quirky and inventive cleaning techniques. The content was served as a pre-roll and was seeded on social media. It encapsulated the spirit of Method’s fun and creative take on cleaning.

Finally, knowing method’s hand wash is a great way for consumers to be introduced to the brand, we took the method Hand Wash station to festivalgoers at British Summer Time and The Big Feastival so they could try for themselves, when they needed it the most. The experience provided a quirky, beautiful upgrade to festival handwashing facilities incorporating giant bubbles, fun brand messaging and even smiley face clouds.

Check out the results below and read more about #themethodway in The Drum.