Stoli Dark

Global Toolkit

Amplify creating global TTL concepts for Stoli’s most iconic serves…


Amplify were brought on board by the global marketing team to draw out the emotion behind Stoli's two iconic program serves - Stoli Mule and Stoli Lemonade - and give the brand's global markets something to activate beyond the ingredients. Some of the brand's 60 global markets had been running the program for two years, and some were embarking on the journey for the first time. We were tasked with inspiring and bringing global consistency to a distributor model that had a multitude of different priorities and budgets.


In the crowded on and off-trade environments our audience needs visuals, experiences and stories that quickly cut- through. They seek stories that are authentic to the brand but equally, they don't want a history lesson. They need easy to relay sound bites to justify a premium drinks choice to themselves (and their friends).


Create two global platforms that allow markets to communicate the emotional benefits of both the serve and the brand - delivering the key product message, whilst also standing for something bigger. These platforms should be globally relevant but allow markets to adapt for local nuance, translate into the off-trade, and flex up and down depending on their budget capabilities.


Two distinctive and inspiring platforms that gave Stoli global consistency across both programs for the first time.

In order to achieve this we worked with regional heads throughout concept stage, and met and presented to all 60 markets at their global conference to ensure we had a really good idea of the realities the markets were facing.

Amplify devised two concepts derived from Stoli's core strength - its capability of mixing well, without ever blending in, as well as tapping into the cultural context of our audience. These insights gave both concepts credibility with an audience keen on individuality and authenticity, and the all important soundbites for them to deliver to their friends at bar.

We developed a global toolkit, including a comprehensive suite of assets for markets to activate the program through the line, in the on and off trade. This included a full suite for experiences, promotions, event concepts, point of sale materials, renders and build guidance for large-scale items. We also centrally produced branded giveaways, including geometric masks for the Mule Program and two brand new signature serves.