Show Your Colours

Amplify help Reeves turn from 250 year old paint manufacturer to a lifestyle brand…


Amplify were challenged to revive Reeves, injecting relevancy into an art and stationery brand with a 251 year-long heritage.


Creativity is traditionally perceived through art and design but today, many young people do not have the confidence or skills to express their creativity in this way. Instead millennials filter their creative juices naturally, from the social media posts they make to the way they dress.


To reposition Reeves as a lifestyle creativity brand that resonates with millennials, making the brand accessible and inclusive.


Show Your Colours

Using a multi-channel approach, Amplify re-launched Reeves on a global level by introducing ‘Show Your Colours’, a campaign and rallying cry designed to unleash creativity.

Curated using a selection of outputs that ranged from video content to experience, Amplify transformed the narrative of the brand. The UK launch party was held inside the old Reeves factory building now known as Dalston Roof Park, repainting a tired heritage with a cutting edge gloss.

Key trade and industry stakeholders attended the event. Amplify scouted young art influencers from across the globe to endorse the UK launch and become brand ambassadors for Reeves.

These young creatives – Elliot Kruszysnki, an illustrator and print-maker from the UK, Berlin based tattoo-artist Daisy Watson and textiles designer Llew Mejia from New York USA, collaborated to create quirky one-off products and campaign assets in their own signature style.

Amplify also crafted clever video content including ‘how to’ guides, inspiration videos, collaborator profiles and a hero campaign film that each explored creativity and positioned Reeves as a brand that guides and inspires, encouraging people of all abilities to “give creativity a go”.

Amplify helped Reeves to invest in a new and striking visual identity, complemented by a full set of vibrant branding, product photography and lifestyle photography that encouraged people to feel connected. We introduced a point of sale merchandise kit that gave consistency to everything from in-store packaging, logo and price tag design, giving the customer a unique shopping experience.

The global toolkit designed to shift the conversation away from fine art and concentrate on engagement proves instrumental to the re-birth of Reeves.