Perfect Soundtrack Dark


Amplify + Google give the gift of song to members of the public...


Amplify were challenged to spread the word about Google Play’s acquisition Songza, a music service that matches playlists to your moods.


The event was to take place on ’Blue Monday’, commonly known as the most depressing day of the year, but we knew with the right combination of quirky fun we could raise a smile on people's faces.


Create a fun and personal experience, which proactively reacted to echo the intuitive nature of Songza.



Amplify went guerilla and created a campaign to highlight the personal nature of the Play Music service. We put together a 7 piece ‘Google Play House Band’ to surprise and delight consumers on the streets of London for one day only with an original song matched to their mood. These interactions were then filmed for content.

We also created a reactive social media mechanic, encouraging consumers and influencers to tweet what they were up to using #perfectsoundtrack. The best were selected for an original song recorded by the House Band and posted in response to their tweets within hours. A campaign film summarising the day’s activity was edited overnight and seeded with key press the following day.