Meet the One Dark

Meet the One

Amplify + Three help people find The One...


Amplify were challenged to get Three’s ‘The One Plan’ into the hands of mobile fans around the UK.


Three often needed to turn around campaigns quickly, and within a tight budget. We saw the opportunity to bring together a number of smaller activations so that the ‘whole was more than a sum of the parts’.


A flexible approach, creating experiences that could be used in a variety of situations – without loosing passion.


The One Plan

Our first task was to launch Three’s new tariff, The One Plan, getting it into the hands of consumers in an engaging way – educating and entertaining along the way.

Amplify created a ‘Show not Tell’ mobile experience that could be booked months in advance or rolled out at a days notice. Each experience was tailored to the need, whether it be trial and demo (city centres), winning hearts and minds (festivals) or tactical (lobbying and political party conferences).