MAG Dark

Massive Awareness Game

Amplify turn a virtual encounter into a noise generating experience at every touch point...


PlayStation challenged Amplify to bring a virtual encounter to life – and to keep the large-scale impact intact.


MAG, PlayStation 3's revolutionary first person shooter game, allows 256 people to come together and engage in a battle online – so we knew we had to take a collaborative approach.


Create an event where key influencers and media could be the first to play a game on this scale.


Massive Awareness Game

Amplify created a bespoke MAG 256 arena we created, guests got a hands-on guide to the game – allowing them to experience MAG in its fullest form.

The event created a massive buzz within the gaming community. It delivered more than 70 media interviews as well as hundreds of pieces of positive coverage, tweets and user-generated content. In fact, 40% of all the related articles on Google were from the voices at the event. Amplify also created the killer shot of the day for press to use instantly across their coverage of the event.