Havana Club 7

Global Positioning

Amplify find a cultural space for Havana Club 7 and their audience to play together…


Amplify were challenged by Havana Club 7 to identify a global cultural passion point that the brand could use to connect with their audience. It had to be relevant to the brand's story and allow them to play an authentic, credible and inspiring role.


Amplify worked with a series of global research partners to both understand the brand's consumer audience and monitor conversations around various topics, as well as identifying likely influencers. We investigated a wealth of different passion points, ranging from immersive travel to world music, artisan fashion to graphic design.

We then created a set of strategic criteria to judge relevancy to both brand and audience globally, hosting workshops with the brand team to refine the selection over a period of months.


Ultimately it was about harnessing the power of Cuba as a unique visual destination, something no competitor could own, as well as tapping into the growing trend for the brand's culturally – connected audience to enjoy reportage photography.


Amplify created a toolkit, featuring the insight and strategy that lead to the chosen passion point, as well as a selection of activation ideas, assets and recommended influencers to bring it to life. The brand is still leveraging this recommendation, through their current partnership with Magnum.