Google Digital Garage

Amplify + Google redesign their Digital Garage online webinar experiences to make learning with Google more impactful, memorable and shareable…


With the impact of the pandemic there was an increasingly competitive market for online courses and Google needed to ensure they were delivering the very best for their Digital Garage users. Amplify was challenged to revamp their online learning content for a series of webinars to ensure it represented the brand and was interactive & engaging.


Whilst the Google Digital Garage training courses were having an impact on attendees in terms of improving their knowledge and prospects, there were 3 key barriers to entry our target audience:

Inclusivity: Lifestyles, disabilities and technology needed to be considered to create flexible and accessible resources for all.

Learning styles: Content needed a mixed media approach to take into consideration the different learning styles, to ensure effectiveness and motivation across a wide spectrum of people

Passive not active: interactivity was key both through tech and teaching techniques to take the learning experience to the next level


To deliver a series of webinars that felt different and innovative compared to how other webinars were being delivered, bringing the power of technology, smartly used, combined with the personality of the Google brand to create a more engaging experience that in turn makes learning more impactful.

The Idea

We knew the content of the webinars was well received, so our focus was on changing the format to increase engagement & retention. We focused on four key areas: Sign up, design, production quality and interactivity. The ultimate aim being that we created a templated approach that could be replicated across all Digital Garage courses for those learning at home.


Google Digital Garage

To maintain audience engagement, recall and to track progress, we re-looked at the overall flow of the webinars.  

1.Engagement starts from sign up

We created a quick quiz that determined our users style of learning + some tips on how to get the most from the upcoming webinar sessions

2.Design + Animation

We refreshed the overall creative design of the presentations with a new look & feel, alongside a series of motion elements including animated broadcast tools, imagery and slide builds to help to maintain the audience interest and focus.

3.Elevating Production Quality

We transformed the overall production quality of the webinars from at an home experience to mini Google broadcasts:

Google Gallery powered by Vmix - We paired each of the presenters with a Technical producers who mixed the show from a home gallery via Vmix.

Augmented self op - We provided the team of Google Digital Garage Presenters with a simple home shoot pack to improve both the technical quality and creative aesthetic of their sessions.

Multia media formats: We filmed a series of VT films of top Googlers talking about the Digital Garage Programme to bring additional content format variety and ensure a more engaging experience.


We integrated Mentimeter which gave the webinars that much needed interactive element, allowing us to create interactive polls, run quizzes, collect data and to allow users to use their smart phone devices as a 2nd screen.