Punk State

Brewdog join forces with Amplify to turn a marketing slogan into a physical revolution…


To disrupt the mainstream beer drinker and create a summer-wide campaign, in keeping with BrewDog’s punk attitude, that drove trial of Punk IPA.


BrewDog started the revolution in the craft beer industry. Today’s audiences are excited by brands that raise the bar and disrupt the system. We needed to share that story and give mainstream beer drinkers a taste of what they’re missing…


Tell the story of a brand that is bold, revolutionary and DIY in its relentless pursuit of bringing great beer to the people. Put product in hand.


Punk State

Amplify and BrewDog created Punk State, a city centre roadblock where bad beer was banished and our audience were invited to join the craft beer revolution.

We reinvented one of BrewDog’s famous articulated lorries into a travelling bar with palette furnishings, seating and can crushers. Turning up in the middle of the night, Amplify transformed city centres into areas where people could come and sample a Punk IPA and soak up the atmosphere.

Supporting our roadblocks were our Punk Drops, a travelling fleet that were on hand to save parties, offices and get togethers from bad beer by asking them to use #PunkState to state why they were worthy of a fresh batch of cold Punk IPA.We wanted to ensure the activation had a big campaign media feel, so to further amplify the revolution and bring more people to the cause we used targeted media to drive people to the trucks. Tactical citywide fly posters spread the message and cover wraps of the Metro newspaper reached thousands and mobilised locals to come and show support.