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The BigVBus Student Tour

Amplify + vInspired persuade students to do some good...


Amplify were challenged to excite and educate young people about the benefits of volunteering around the UK.


Students were keen to volunteer but needed to know all the benefits involved in order to take the next step.


Demonstrate not only that volunteering can be fun and easy to do, but that it's also a great way to get ahead in a tough recruitment environment.


The BigVBus Student Tour

Amplify created VEXCITING, which saw a double-decker bus given a full makeover and toured around 14 higher and further education institutions. Activities on board ranged from micro volunteering sessions, where students could do some good in under two minutes, to more in-depth activities, such as workshops and Q&A sessions.

Amplify drove registrations to the vInspired website with a competition to win a volunteering trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica. Activity was promoted through an on-campus marketing campaign, and amplified through digital, PR and social media.