4DFWD PR Launch

Amplify launches adidas 4DFWD as a credible and advanced running innovation via earned media, changing perceptions about the possibilities of 4D technology…


Amplify were challenged to create a unique launch experience that both heroed the forward motion benefit and established 4DFWD as a credible shoe for runners.


  1. Innovation is the #1 driver of brand image and industry data shows us that innovations that are first incubated in running have the biggest impact on consumers.
  2. For the Running Enthusiast, innovation should solve a pain point or provide a clear performance benefit and not just be “innovation for the sake of innovation”
  3. Innovation is about trust. Trust comes from transparent information and proven success with tangible results.
  4. 2nd highest priority for runners is to run greater distances and in greater comfort (=easier)


This campaign was the key media campaign for adidas in 2021, the objective was to enable deeper storytelling for media outlets. This event was designed to connect journalists, subject matter experts and talent/athletes within a space that had an innovative and exciting opening & reveal of the innovation, followed by 1:1 interview line-up, a breakout session for members with global athletes and a global virtual gathering to close the session.

Traditionally this would have been a live event, however due to covid restrictions adidas were looking for a creative agency to deliver a virtual event, that stood out.

The Idea

A narrative-led, fully interactive mix of video, cgi, multi directional audio and 3D exploration combined into one seamless editorial canvas.

The Solution

Welcome to the Future of Running…

We strived to do something different with this launch, taking the experience off the stage and into the browser and utilising the functionality that comes with it.

Via an innovative virtual platform, we created an ‘as-live’ event optimised for local timezones, featuring a combination of key brand spokespersons + athletes together with interactive animated elements that helped to bring the 4DFWD product story to life.

This was a truly co-created experience made within an 8 week window.

Following the launch adidas feel this is the start of a new way of launching products internally.