Battle School: Remixed

Amplify champion the craft and heritage of hip-hop in Russia + Poland


Amplify were challenged to create two unforgettable stadium shows in Krakow and Moscow, with a brief to ensure as many exciting moments were captured on camera as were experienced in person.


Hip-hop is more than just a genre – it’s a global culture that shapes and changes music, dance and fashion scenes, as well as language and political spheres. 40 years since it emerged, its influence, relevance and dominance has never been stronger – as demonstrated by a dedicated and loyal global fanbase.


Bring fans together to celebrate the rich heritage of hip-hop, creating the hottest ticket in town for those in the host cities, and exclusive interviews and content for those joining in the action online.


Burn ‘Battle School’: REMIXED

We turned the clock back, taking inspiration from New York’s hip-hop scene in the 80s and 90s by creating an imposing two story high stage set and façade that recreated a gritty subway scene.

Living legends and hip-hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash and Busta Rhymes hosted and performed before the event culminated in epic B-Boy battles with 16 of the best international breakers.

Meanwhile graffiti pros Inkie, Cheo and Boogie created live murals and one-off pieces of art for each of the headline acts.