Rowntree's Taste Tour

Amplify + Rowntree's launch their 30% less sugar range on a conveyor belt of colours...


Amplify were challenged by Rowntree's to launch the 30% less sugar sweets, without compromising on flavour or fun...


We live in world where we aspire to be health conscious, but there's still a nagging worry that reduced sugar sweets just don't taste as good.


Amplify invited audiences to taste and decide for themselves, creating an experience that would encourage people to be open to change during the playful summer months and occasions.


The Rowntree's Taste Tour

Amplify created the Rowntree's Taste Tour; a travelling experience welcoming people to try Rowntree's new line of sugar-reduced sweets in a brightly couloured, factory style pop up.

This eye catching and colourful experience was built out of bendy pipes and a sushi belt.

From Birmingham Bullring to Camp Bestival we gave audiences a chance to try the range in a unique and fun way that combined experience alongside mass trial.

Guests were free to pick up a sushi bowl of their choice, letting fate be the decider on what was in store.

Visitors were then encouraged to share their pictures online with the #RowntreesTasteTour hashtag for a chance to win tickets to Camp Bestival and the Luna Cinema.