Google Playtime

Google Playtime

Amplify bring leading developers together to play + explore...


App and game developers are the key influencers making Google Play the platform of choice within their community. Google needed an environment to educate and inspire the world’s leading developers, at the same time as showcasing their insight and innovative tools.


We brought a global brand to local territories, knowing Google is founded on the spirit of being open and collaborative.


Create a place where developers come together and connect with one another; a place to meet, learn, laugh, share and play.


Google Playtime

Five global Google Playtime events in 10 days, for over 750 key app and game developers. We created a set of mini-playgrounds to educate developers on key Google innovations, hosted in previously undiscovered and bespoke venues in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and Tel Aviv. Developers could playfully interact with Google and build a networked community around the refreshed and reimagined Playtime brand.