Think with Google

Amplify + Google answer the advertising industry’s burning questions through a series of events


Amplify were challenged by Google to create and develop Think with Google, an event that would win the hearts of advertisers and reignite a passion for the magic of Search.


Google are on a mission to connect people to the things that are most important to them and create a simpler more organised world.


To go beyond the traditional conference, inspired by the notion "Everything starts with a Search". Exclusively showcasing Google's newest innovations in ways that are natural, human and invisible.


Think with Google

Amplify created and delivered a diverse day of content to reveal the latest trends and research in digital marketing to 300 top senior advertisers in the UK, reaffirming Google as an industry innovator.

Leading experts including Jason Spero (Vice President of Performance Media at Google) shared their top tips for success and introduced new advertising solutions to challenge and inspire advertisers to think differently about the latest trends, innovation and insights.

Talks were supported by sessions and keynotes that gave guests exclusive insight into subjects such as artificial intelligence, always-on assistance and machine learning.

All these moments were carefully curated to surprise and delight while bringing in experiences that were playful and imaginative. Our unique ‘Search Bar’, allowed guests to pose questions to the experts and receive on the spot assistance. Post-event, Amplify shared each, individual query with attendees to create a sense of inclusivity.

All content was shared across, as well as the event web app, ensuring attendees and Think followers where updated about topics, discussions and takeaway actions.