Gap Dark

Christmas Cheer

Amplify remix the Christmas spirit for Gap...


Amplify were challenged to bring a little festive cheer to the streets of five UK cities to drive vital Christmas traffic in-store.


Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience, but people are willing to get into the spirit if you give them something to smile about in surprising places.


Create a unique and engaging experience for shoppers out on the streets to be entertained, and leave feeling a little more joyful.


The Christmas Cheer Squad.

Gap cheer squads of singers, gymnasts, break-dancers and other theatrical performers created a unique experience to generate lots of noise for Gap on the high street. Crowds gathered as our performers spread festive spirit through a combination of choreographed dance routines, street theatre, on-the-spot improvisation and song. Styled in cosy winter knits from the store's range, the cheer squads helped to get shoppers into Gap on one of retail’s busiest Christmas weekends.