Word of Art

Amplify create a one-off interactive art installation for Eurostar...


Amplify were challenged to give Eurostar’s team a day they would never forget, and to empower staff beyond their day-to-day work life.


Eurostar values a caring, connected and ambitious workplace – we just had to translate this into a physical experience.


Take a unique approach to a typical team building exercise and give the 140 Eurostar staff artistic license to translate the company's brand values creatively.


Word of Art.

Amplify created a giant, bespoke art installation. The activity, the centerpiece of Eurostar’s annual internal event, challenged staff to work together and physically recreate key words that reflect the three core values of the business: 'Caring', 'Connected' and 'Ambitious'.

Using a variety of traditional materials and technology the team had free reign to build a unique art piece based on the company's guiding principles. The piece incorporated digital light painting, building giant modular 3D letters and a woven fence canvas. Within the piece staff at every level made a number of personal and company pledges relating to the values and the year ahead.

Once complete Lionel Benbasset, Eurostar's Marketing Director, shared a few words of motivation, before artist (the team) and artwork (the final piece) were captured on camera together - to make made sure staff back in the office could be inspired by Eurostar’s brand values.