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Take it to the Fans

Amplify bring exclusive content and E4 magic to the fans...


Over two years, Amplify were challenged by E4 to bring together and maintain a super-fan network.


Word of mouth is key for TV channels and programme engagement, as a channel’s success is as much about the hype it receives, as it is about the programmes aired.


Create an environment where we could get in-depth insight into programmes, pilots and channel initiatives through money-can’t-buy opportunities.


The E4'ers

We took it to the fans. The 50 strong group of bloggers, creatives, media students, budding TV producers and scriptwriters are not just superfans of E4 but an influential group amongst their peers.

The core make-up of the programme is delivering exclusive content on a regular basis to the community. This is anything from the first episode of a well-known new series (Skins) to a pilot of a new American show (Beaver Falls). Certain content could be shared across their social platforms, with others being only viewed through a private social network, built specifically for the E4ers.

The E4ers is a great opportunity for the channel to not only give something back to their diehard fans, but also a chance for them to use their influence to build advocacy and awareness through word of mouth. There’s no point making amazing programmes if no one knows they’re there to watch them.