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Amplify inspire new experiences within the React developer community…


React is a javascript framework. React host a renowned digital conference across the globe that celebrates the JavaScript library that shares its name.

In its first foray into London, organisers of the React community, Red Badger, challenged Amplify to produce an interactive, engaging event for members of the community to share their experiences and inspire new ones.


React is a used globally by developers at companies including Facebook, Deliveroo and ASOS to create incredible user interfaces. It’s a new addition in the developer community, and its users are young, vocal and collaborative.


Amplify created and produced a one-day event for 750 React developers to share their experiences and knowledge, bringing this compact community even closer together.This was the first chance React developers had to meet up on a large scale in the UK, so Amplify created an event space that used the programming language and design to encourage discoveries, discussions and interactions with experts from around the globe.

The space also provided a platform for sponsors and speakers to engage with the React community through keynote speeches, panels, lightning talks and plenty of networking.

The collaborative, open nature of the library was used as inspiration for the surroundings. Amplify installed white walls around the venue and encouraged attendees to pick up a pen and share thoughts and collaborative thinking with their fellow programmers.