Find X2 Launch

Amplify, OPPO and Nao create a unique lockdown track to launch the Find X2...


Amplify was challenged by OPPO to create an online launch moment to announce the arrival of the brand’s new flagship devices, the Find X2 Series in the UK and generate excitement and desirability amongst key media and target audience.


With the unpreceded COVID 19 turbulent times we’re facing, we had to come-up with a creative concept that would grab our target audience’s attention, to entertain people while everyone was in lockdown at home, whilst educating them on the product's KSPs at the same time.


In times like this, society adapts. We pivot, finding new ways to interact, new ways to connect and new ways to collaborate. And now, more than ever, high tech powerful devices like the OPPO Find X2 Series and the opportunities they create, are vital. We also know that People are looking inwards, favouring self-discovery and shared moments of community vs. big public spectacles, so we had to steer away from standard mobile industry tech focused keynote presentations.


Nao x Kaleidoscope Orchestra: The Ultimate Lockdown Collaboration

We launched ‘Uncover The Ultimate’, a phased campaign connecting with creators that look to elevate their life through technology and inviting them to unleash their creative potential with the OPPO Find X2 Series. Placing the devices right at the centre of it all, we built a content engine that engaged, entertained and educated millions of consumers around the world.

First in line, to celebrate the release of the Find X2 Series’ in the UK, we created a unique online launch event across multiple social platforms, hosted by Rick Edwards, featuring the ultimate music collaboration between Grammy nominated artist NAO and the contemporary Kaleidoscope Orchestra. The Collaboration, curation and creation all took place through the devices, as did the content captured for the launch itself. The track was also picked up by and aired during Nadia Jae’s ‘Feel Good Mix’ show on BBC Radio 1 Xtra.

The content piece which saw the rescore of one of NAO’s #1 hit ‘Another lifetime’ was created under 10 days during lockdown, where 40 OPPO Find X2 Series devices were utilised during the process across 21 locations and amongst 20 musicians including NAO herself.

Harnessing the power and capabilities of the Find X2 Series, we outlined the products’ KSPs with a slightly more tech focused ‘behind the scenes’ edit that showed through the lense of collaboration, creativity and connectivity, how the Find X2 Series were ustlised by our cast to create this engaging content piece, forming integral part of the live broadcast launch moment post the performance.

For the second phase of our campaign, we launched an online series that explored the power of technology as an art form. The OPPO Find X2 Pro allowed our creators to explore and showcase their skills and work like never before, bringing their art form to life through the lens of technology.

Each artist was tasked with creating content that brings the Find X2 series features to life in inspiring and engaging ways, focusing on the ultra vision camera and screen capabilities, through a series of episodes that captured the artist, the process and the art.


7.8M+ combined views on YouTube and Twitter

63% retention rate

178K+ reach across talent social channels

19% engagement rate