Oculus OC5

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Amplify were challenged to design the keynote and demo hall space for the yearly VR conference, Oculus Connect at the San Jose Convention Centre. 


Oculus believe that VR is where incredible things can be created, communicated and shared. Oculus were keen to show how OC5 could be built as if it were all made in VR. Bringing our audience closer to the product and unlocking it’s full potential. Made in VR became our creative jump off point for all design. 


VR is 110 degree experience, one that immerses the audience into a new world. We used this immersive all round approach to design a keynote and demo hall that allowed our audience to experience the physical space in as close an environment to the VR world. 


OC5 Keynote

To replicate the all round experience that our audience have when putting on a VR set, we created a unique splayed Keynote canvas that wrapped around our audience giving them the feeling of being in VR. To do this we created a series of stepped screens that were positioned in a curved structure and that played with the negative space between them when content was pushed through. This gave the visual identity, a beautiful ribbon more depth in the space. A central 16:9 provided the centre piece for the main keynotes.   

Further more we moved the 2D visual identity into a motion graphic environment and provided the interstitial elements that stitched all of the keynote and speakers together, providing a clear consistency of content that maximized the design of the keynote stage. 

OC5 Demo Hall

We looked to create a space that not only brought to life the key characteristics of the VR product demos, but also looked to provide those not immersed in the headset a way to be engaged. 

With Oculus Quest being the focal point, we brought to life three key titles in the main demo hall by creating playing spaces that replicated the games themselves or the environments gamers would naturally play these games in. Half tennis courts, Half lounges gave our audience the sense of playing tennis at home or on the court for Sports Scramble. Our futuristic Superhot booths replicated the games white and red color palette and unusual game design. 

Further to this we created an engaging VR Esports arena that staged a two day competition bringing together some of the worlds best VR Esports teams to a packed audience.