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Using Google has become so ingrained in our daily habits that we now take it for granted.

Help Aussies discover the best (and most loved) merchants in their neighbourhood.. with a little help from Google


There is a moment where Google recommends 85% of the decisions in our lives. Users all over the world view Google as helpful and 69% of Australians see Google as as a helpful platform. Yet sometimes we forget the power and influence of a real world recommendation.


There are moments when we reappraise our lives, decide that we want to make a change and from then on, we want to start spending our time well. More than the big moments, it’s the way we seize small opportunities every day - a lunch hour, midweek night, or spare Sunday arvo - that makes our lives well-spent.

Google can help Australians live a lot with whatever time they can spare.

We set out to remind people of how helpful Google can be, by inspiring them to use the application.


Timeout X Signature Serve

We created campaigns across the most searchable restaurants in Australia rgar would highlight the most searched for food items in the country. The campaign activated across print, digital and experiential and took the online search results. offline..