Sculpture By The Sea

Amplify + Google Pixel 3 get serious about sculpture…


Amplify were challenged to help Google emotionally connect with their audience, heroeing the wide-angle selfie feature of the Google Pixel 3 to make the everyday more extraordinary.


When it comes to technology, our audience are less concerned with the details and care more about how their choices make them feel.

They want to share amazing moments and experiences with their friends and use their smartphone to capture the perfect shot of them. This is our opportunity to connect.


Create a partnership with Australia’s most photographed cultural festival, Sculpture by the Sea, where Google would create new, previously unreached connections with the 450,000 attendees whilst bringing to life the camera capabilities of the Pixel 3 in an everyday scenario that’s important to our audience; taking epic photos with friends.


Sculpture by the Sea with Pixel 3.

A partnership with Australia’s most photographed cultural event, where existing Pixel users and their friends were able to trial the new Google Pixel 3 together.

Bespoke viewing platforms were designed with a neutral, lifestyle-focused colour palette out of respect for the art and surroundings. Google offered 450,000 visitors the opportunity to discover sculptures from new and previously inaccessible perspectives.

Guided tours provided commentary on artworks and tips on how to capture an iconic photo in combination with Pixel 3’s ultra-wide angle selfie mode.

Pixel 3 photographs were then shared amongst family, friends and with the Sculptures by the Sea community, offering a standout demonstration for the camera’s capabilities on and offline.