Young Blood | Culture + Creativity in a Crisis (US)

US Webinar | Wednesday 27th May


  • Brands Role in Culture, Now + Future
  • Understanding the Next 12 - 18 Months
  • Creativity in the Face of Adversity
  • New Outputs, Mediums + Ways of Working
  • How to Build a Reciprocal Relationship
  • The Cultural + Commercial Opportunity for Brands

In a time of social and economic upheaval, we explore the role brands could, and should play in helping a generation of creative + cultural talent not just survive, but thrive.

How brands behave today will influence not only the cultural but commercial landscape of tomorrow...

Amplify's social mission is to connect with, enable + champion young creative talent. This webinar explores how brands can credibly support, learn from and understand creatives as they face today's challenges, developing long-term loyalty for brands and their target audiences.

Covid-19 poses a serious threat to creativity and culture around the world. Not only is social distancing displacing scenes and stripping creatives of opportunities to connect with their audiences, it’s forcibly reshaping how they create. What’s more, the financial fallout threatens to decimate entire cultural ecosystems as revenue streams come to a sudden stop. We are in danger of losing a generation of creative talent and institutions...

But, as history has often shown, creativity and culture are resilient and resourceful. Economic, political or social upheavals have a habit of birthing new cultural movements. That’s where brands can both support and benefit. Now is the time to prove commitment to culture with support for those that need it most, during lockdown and beyond

Judy Lee / Global Head of Experiential Marketing, Pinterest

Judy Lee is the Global Head of Experiential Marketing at Pinterest. She leads the team that brings the Pinterest brand to life through experiences and events across all audiences around the globe. Recognized for her work in transforming Pinterest's brand experiences, Judy has been named a Top Woman to Watch by Brand Innovators and a Top Woman in Events by Event Marketer in 2019.

Sophie More / Marketing Director, Brewdog

Delivering Brewdog's mission of making people passionate about great craft beer. Leading global marketing activation through the line balancing a bold disruptive brand approach with rapid expansion into new markets and audience sectors in over 90 markets. Previously brand side at Red Bull and Jack Daniel’s and agency side focussing on digital and brand experience.

Dan Minty / Strategic Partner, Amplify

Set up and spearheaded the agency’s amplification offering before moving into the role of Strategy Partner. Oversees the strategic output across the agency. Provides clients with senior counsel and inspiration. PR background, joining in 2012 from globally renowned communications agency Freuds.

Sophy Vanner Critoph / Head of Strategy, Amplify

Leading our UK strategy team in delivering innovative, integrated thinking - from insights, approach and measurement, to cultural guardianship, channel strategy and amplification. 10+ years as a creative strategist and communications planner. One of Campaign's Faces to Watch. Previously Portas, FRUKT and Momentum.