Viral 3D Billboard

Amplify UK's ECD Alex Wilson joined BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to talk about anamorphic out-of-home...

Published by: BBC Radio 4
Written by: Alex, Wilson
Date: 18/07/2022

Amplify UK's ECD Alex Wilson was invited on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to talk about the rising trend of 3D billboards.

“There's quite a few examples of this sort of technology - at Amplify we've been creating these for a couple of years. For the audience viewer, whether they see it sort on the ground in Times Square, or whether they see on social content virally like this, their eyes believe they're seeing this creature within one space, and then breaking out towards us, it moves into a secondary space. So it's constantly subverting our expectations,” said Wilson.

Commenting on what makes a good 3D billboard Wilson added: “We very much see it as a sort of storytelling canvas. It's just a really exciting new way to get across your IP or your brand story. So what they've done really nicely, is take an iconic character from, from the IP of the computer game, and now obviously, with the show that they're launching something that the fans are already familiar with, and kind of taking it into a whole new world for those fans to see. And then for broader audiences who may not be aware of the franchise, they're obviously seeing quite an exciting thing happened in front.

This episode of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme aired on 18th July 2022. To listen to more BBC Radio 4 visit HERE:

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