Spotlight: Lois O'Hara

Transforming urban landscapes into colourful public places...

For our inaugural Instagram interview designer and artist Lois O'Hara shares her work and inspirations...

Over the coming months, Amplify are sharing their Instagram with a series of inspiring people, designed by Amplify creatives Beth Anderton-Allen and Catalina Velásquez González. First up, meet: Lois O'Hara.

You might have spotted her brightly coloured works around London and Brighton, with a recent exhibition The Book Club, designing a Habitat shop-front, as well as brand collaborations with Kiehl's and Lucy and Yak.

Her work has extended to designing basketball courts in Perth, Australia to giving the Brighton and Hove bus service a makeover. Keep an eye on her Instagram for more exciting commissions.

Working with colour that pops out from dull and dispiriting urban landscapes, Lois's work explores how inserting bright bursts can have a positive effect on people, places, and mental health.

Capturing images in motion, her work is playful, eye-catching and inspiring.

Find out more about Lois’s work and what inspires her… and check out her Instagram takeover here.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do!

I’m Lois O’Hara, an artist and designer from Brighton – maybe because of this setting, my work is inspired by the sea! I like to try and capture the fluidity of an image in motion.

What is the driving ethos behind your work?

I think #colourispower and I am passionate about transforming urban spaces and sports courts into colourful spaces for the public to enjoy. I believe colour can improve mental health and promote positive wellbeing. It’s so satisfying seeing people enjoy and play with my work and installations.

What inspired you to start creating murals?

I take lots of inspiration from music and the journey it takes to succeed. I am very self-motivated!

Any upcoming projects we should know about?

I will be transforming an outdoor basketball court in Australia very soon, all documented on my Instagram.

Who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the community work of Project Backboard, who make over basketball courts in the U.S. and raise money for free basketball nets in public parks.

Designer and artist Camille Walala has always been someone I look up to.

I also love Lazy Oaf and would love to work with them!