Blurring the lines between content, OOH + experiential

3D billboards: ‘They’re blurring lines between content, OOH and experiential’

Published by: The Drum
Written by: Amy, Houston
Date: 18/11/2021

The Drum lists five of the best experimental 3D out-of-home (OOH) billboards, a burgeoning new technology on the high street that has strong implications for how marketers bring their campaigns to life. We speak to Amplify’s executive creative director Alex Wilson to get the lowdown on the potential of the sector.

Hyper-realistic 3D OOH billboards have been stunning passersby on busy streets in China, South Korea, the US, Japan and recently the UK. The creative campaigns blur the lines between technology and reality while showcasing that creativity in advertising really is limitless. “The potential that can be unlocked working directly with IP and talent is truly exciting,” says Amplify executive creative director Alex Wilson, who recently worked on Amazon Prime’s 3D OOH campaign at Piccadilly Circus.

“Creating 3D anamorphic billboards using characters, environments and IP usually restricted to being seen on TV or cinema screens is a huge world-building opportunity, especially when the studios and creators collaborate to bring them to life.

This allows us to have characters break the fourth wall, interact with our IRL environments and blur the lines between content, OOH and experiential like never before.”

From Balenciaga’s collaboration with Fortnite, to Rosamund Pike fronting Amazon Prime’s trippy campaign, to Glenfiddich’s Highland stag, brands are realizing the creative potential of these larger-than-life illusions.

“It’s an execution that can be witnessed by few IRL, but experienced by many through content. A content engine can drive interaction and conversation through social, either as an impactful stunt moment or as part of a synchronized campaign plan,” he adds.

Creative OOH can be used to tell part of a story or the whole story, but you only have people’s attention IRL for a very short window, so how do you make that the most compelling, entertaining and informative part of your campaign?

“Whether it lives as an impactful moment in time that can live on through social, or as part of a bigger campaign story, it’s a powerful tool for brands to harness in the right way,” Wilson notes.

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