Black Voices: Parris

Meet Parris aka MADEINPARRIS

Published by: Voices of Us
Date: 12/06/2021

Parris is a music producer and Artist Services manager for music- tech startup, Viktrs. @viktrs_ is a platform that helps artists monetise their music videos by making anything within the video discoverable + shoppable.

How does it feel to be black in 2021?

For me it is a dual experience. I feel very privileged to be black as I am proud of my heritage and what my community has been able to achieve . There is unfortunately a lot of pain that is entrenched in our experience though. The reality is that in some parts of the world, we are still fighting for the right to be treated equally.

How has social media affected the social issues you care about? Do you feel like it has brought about any meaningful change?

Social media has increased awareness for a number of the social issues I care about, but in my opinion hasn't brought about that much long term change. A lot of the social issues that black people face have deep roots in our society and will most likely take hundreds of years to mend. I do feel though that social media will greatly accelerate this 'mending' process.

Using these social networks, we have been able to build communities around social issues that matter to us and in the process, have educated and even inspired individuals from completely different cultures. This will play an invaluable role in creating more equality in the global community.

How can we act now to consciously progress?

I think we are consciously progressing! It feels like every week I hear a story about a black professional or creative innovating in their industry or pushing the needle forward in regards to social change.

What long term growth do you want to see within your industry?

I want to see more ownership! Equitable streaming platforms owned by the culture.