Australian Youth Culture in 2021

This session will help guide youth focused brands across all sectors that want to create experiences that connect with young Australians.

From the causes they’re passionate about, to the way they want to spend their time and what they want the brands they love to stand for. Young Blood is part of an ongoing body of work and is a temperature check on what makes young Aussies tick.

We use these insights to guide brands on how to create experiences that connect culturally IRL and online.

This audience may be growing up in one of the most unconventional times to be young, but this values driven generation have clarity on what they want from the world and the brands they choose to spend time with.


  • Time: How they spend it
  • Stand with us. What they want from brands
  • The important things in life
  • How to connect in culture
  • Building experiences do’s and don’ts
  • How to translate into experiences that connect
  • Who’s doing it well
  • Brand takeouts


  • Gareth Davies - Managing Partner
  • Sophy Vanner-Critoph - Head of Strategy
  • Lucinda O'Brien - Creative Strategist
  • Tim Baggott - Creative Director