Amplify wins at the US Ex Awards

Published on 23rd June 2020.

Amplify's 'Night at... The Louvre' campaign for Airbnb beat off tough competition to win the Ex Award for Best Press Stunt, including fending off the ultimate Grand Prix winner Taco Bell Hotel. 'Night at... The Louvre' also won a Gold for Best Consumer Environment. Full review why below. Earlier in the month the same campaign also picked up four merits at the One Show, having previously won the Grand Prix in the Drum Awards.

Facebook's F8 developer conference won a Silver for Best B2B Conference or Event Environment.

Amplify's and Airbnb Night At... The Louvre win Ex Award for Best PR Stunt

"From the Great Wall of China to a floating house on the River Thames in England, Airbnb’s “Night At…” sleepover experiences have allowed consumers to spend the night at historic locations the world around. But its Paris-based slumber party just might be the best one to date. Enter: A night at the Louvre. The experience included a VIP after-hours tour of the institution, dinner served beside the Venus de Milo and prepared by a personal chef, an intimate acoustic concert in the Napoleon III Apartments and aperitifs beside the Mona Lisa.

That’s right, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the museum’s iconic pyramid, Airbnb provided two contest winners with an opportunity to sleep amongst some of the world’s most famous artworks. The goal: to connect with new audiences in France and across the world, inviting them to discover the museum like never before through a series of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The Night At… series is all about transforming iconic spaces into homes for one night. Airbnb was challenged with pushing that concept to create a true money-can’t-buy, personalized cultural experience, ultimately striving to “take the home where the world’s greatest art lives and turn it into the home where you can live with the world’s greatest art.” Selecting the winning couple from a campaign competition, Airbnb set out to deliver the ultimate date night. Part of making that happen included integrating a replica pyramid structure under the Louvre’s famous pyramid (an engagement in itself), which served as the couple’s sleeping quarters for the evening.

A Night At the Louvre gave the winners unprecedented access to the world-renowned museum, coupled with elevated experiences. For drinks with the Mona Lisa, Airbnb recreated a Parisian Lounge set in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic portrait for the couple to enjoy a few cocktails in their very own Airbnb Living Room. For dinner with the Venus de Milo, Ducasse Reception’s world-class gastronomic menu was brought to life using ingredients that symbolize love, beauty and pleasure. As for the music selection, the winners enjoyed an exclusive acoustic performance by local artist Sarah Jeanne Ziegler inside Napoleon III’s opulent apartment. The experience concluded in a sleepover underneath the Louvre’s iconic pyramid.

Although there could only be one winning couple, Airbnb’s content strategy allowed it to reach millions online. Indeed, the Night At… experience was created not once, but twice—once to film it and once again for the winners to experience it. Ultimately, the program drew 1.5 million visits to the campaign microsite, 182,000 competition entries and more than 2,700 p.r. hits across 90 countries.

C’est magnifique!"

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