Tan Your Lemonade

Amplify hit a hole in one bringing Southern Comfort to a new generation...


Millennials love Southern Comfort’s unconventional advertising campaigns, but despite huge media spend, this was not translating into sales. 


Our research showed the target audience, sociable 18-24 year olds, did not know HOW, WHY or WHEN to drink Southern Comfort but they loved the taste when they actually did try it.


Drive one hero serve (Southern Comfort, Lemonade and Lime) using the fun tonality of the brand to speak to the audience in environments they enjoy and go to have fun.


Tan My Summer

A campaign to engage with and educate target millennials on Southern Comfort and its serve, bringing the bar call ‘Tan Your Lemonade’ to life.

We created a crazy golf inspired experience, the 19th Hole, at Boardmasters and Bestival festivals. This was a place where festival goers could come together, get a hole in one and connect with Southern Comfort in a relaxed and fun setting.

Meanwhile, we ran on-trade activation with partner bars, giving away sunglasses and visors to help keep the summer vibes alive and even offering chances to win trips to New Orleans and Costa Rica.