Face Facts

Amplify overhaul Shelter's advertising approach.

Amplify, working with design partners Hello X, was briefed to raise the awareness of Shelter as a housing advice provider, create ‘unease' amongst the general public around housing issues and to increase online traffic via Facebook.

Amplify worked to change the focus of Shelter's communication from celebrating success stories to focusing on the individuals experiencing housing problems and the human emotion connected with these issues.

The campaign aimed to connect the 'spoken' concerns of the individuals with the target audience, achieved by laying emotive copy directly onto the faces of the case studies in the advertising.

The emotional photography was personal and humanised the issues, while the scale and directness helped cause unease and made the advertising used in outdoor and digital spaces, difficult to ignore.

The results showed an average 25% increase in online traffic and 24% increase in helpline traffic and also saw the desired feelings of ‘unease' significantly rise within target audiences.