The Meeting Place

Amplify + Jack Daniel’s bring the real taste of Tennessee to the UK…


Amplify were challenged to bring Jack Daniel’s to a modern, relevant and younger audience, driving in sales and building on-trade relationships.


Tennessee is home to Jack Daniel’s, famous for it’s southern hospitality and bringing people together. It’s a state that loves great whisky, BBQ food and live music.


To bring the warmth of Tennessee to a modern audience, using the multi-sensory pillars of food, drink and music to create togetherness.   


The Meeting Place 

Amplify created a bespoke experience, encouraging JD consumers and trade partners to discover their taste of Tennessee at exclusive event, The Meeting Place.

After winning tickets, over 1350 lucky guests were invited to a night full of fun and flavour. From London, Birmingham to Glasgow, The Meeting Place offered an evening deep rooted in all things Southern,  donning a contemporary twist on specially selected food, drink and music. 

The Broken Witt Rebels, rocked the London crowd in true Tennessee style, as did an array of acts, local to each city. To enhance the vibe even further, the Red Dog Saloon Bar served smooth whiskey cocktails from resident bartenders, while the London Cocktail Club created bespoke serves, highlighting Jack Daniel’s wide ranging blends.

BBQ feasts from home-grown partners included the prestigious Zelman Meats, Flying Cows and Buffalo Truck who served up Tennessee inspired dishes including dirty steak with beef fat mash and buttermilk fried chicken with Jack Daniel’s Honey butter glaze. 

And if that didn’t tickle the senses, a virtual reality tour of the Lynchburg distillery could be experienced, telling the Jack Daniel’s story the authentic way.

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