FanCulture Mix

I am a huge fan of vinyl. Most  of the mixes I have recorded are 100% recorded on vinyl. Adjusting the speed of a record using the pitch control on Technics 1210 turntables is much better than a jog wheel of a CDJ or clicking a mouse on Ableton. 

Also, being a fan of a project that your friends have put together is great. It gives me so much joy when your friends / associates produce an amazing piece of music and I can put a record on the deck with their name on it – It puts the pressure on me to do their production justice by nailing a great mix – There are tracks on this mix by Daniel Avery, Damon Martin and Legendary Children who are all friends that I am looking forward to sending this mix to.

Over the years of putting together mixes, I have established that I am a fan of Morgan Geist of Metro Area fame – most of my mixes have a record produced by or on Morgan Geist’s label. Same applies for Andy Blake  of World Unknown / Cave Paintings / Dissident also.  

Tosh Ohta 

Track listing

  1. The Isolators/ Viewlexx - Interdit Ce Soir
  2. Baby Oliver/ Environ - Uptown Express
  3. Daniel Avery/ Phantasy - The Eagle
  4. Andy Blake/ Cave Paintings - 1Y
  5. Cottam - #2
  6. Dee Edwards (Pilooski edit)/ Diamond Traxxx - Why Can't There Be Love
  7. Matzo & Pauli/ Cyberdance - We Are
  8. Olin & Co Processing/ Discovery Recordings - Olso
  9. Pacific Horizons/ Pacific Wizard Foundations - Stealing Fire From Heaven
  10. Librodisia (Force of Nature remix)/ Cru-el Classics - Got To Be Real
  11. Eros - #2
  12. Free Disco (Acid Funk Mix)/ Rong Music - Umbra Sumus
  13. Eros - #1
  14. Damon Martin (Legendary Children remix)/ Disco Bloodbath - That Aint Right
  15. Jamie 3:26/ Strobe Light Honey - Acid Whump
  16. Carter Bros/ Black Catalogue - Run
  17. Mike Dunn/ Underground - Pressure Cooker
  18. Unabombers (Electric North Mix)/ Chysalis - Sing
  19. Mathew Johnson/ Itiswhatitis - Typerope
  20. Daniel Avery/ Phantasy - Locked Groove #4
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